DP World Kigali invest in the community and our sustainability initiatives are also creating a positive impact, not only for the local community but also for Rwanda’s natural environment.

Since 2018, DP World Kigali’s sustainability priority focus areas have been “Women’s Empowerment, Health and Education”, where we wish to leave a legacy in the community.


Women’s Empowerment

Women make up more than half of the world’s population, yet today inequality and discrimination continue to be global issues, stagnating social and economic progress. DP World Kigali is working with leading organisations and local communities to support and empower women in their right to education, health and employment. Internally, DP World Kigali has implemented initiatives aimed at empowering women in the workplace through the Women Networking Group and mentorship programs both accessible to male employees as part of diversity & inclusion in the workplace. 




DP World Kigali is constantly evolving to meet our customer’s needs and to do this, we need to promote & invest in education. We are giving opportunities to young talents who are focused, skilled and having leadership qualities. At DP World we believe that education doesn’t just change lives, it will also change the way we conduct our business.


Health is a global agenda and all human being deserves a healthy status. DP World Kigali actively engages in volunteering, campaigns, partnering with key organisations to bring effective and positive health awareness in the society.